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The Wellesley Group is pleased to announce a formal and strategic alliance with URALKALI to sell and distribute exclusively URALKALI products.

URALKALI, based in Riga, Latvia, is one of the world’s largest potash producers and controls it’s entire production chain, from potash ore mining through to the supply of potash to customers.

Uralkali exports it’s products through UralKali Trading SIA and it’s subsidiaries to more than 70 countries.

The Wellesley Group, as an Agent and Representative of Uralkali, originates potential sales on behalf of Uralkali, and Clients contract and transact directly with Uralkali from a legal and credit perspective.

Indicative price quotations are provided on a CIF basis, and transactions are supported with International Letters of Credit (“LCs”).

Uralkali Net Revenue in 1H 2021 was USD $ 1,147 million.

Our Products

URALKALI produces standard and granular potassium chloride (KCI) and sodium chloride (NaCl) in the form of halite and carnality. We offer two types of muriate of potash (MOP) Pink and White

Pink MOP

We have multiple pink MOP products which include, Standard Fine & much more. 

White MOP

We have multiple white MOP products which include, Standard Fine & much more. 

Potassium Chloride

We have Potassium Chloride pellets to enhance your fertilization process. 


We have multiple feed kali products.  


URALKALI has been recognized as an Industry Champion. 

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